Dimensions of Optional probes

No.8079-01 Standard probe S270WP-01
Sensing part: Ø3×L100mm (point end)
No.8079-02 Penetration probe S270WP-02
Sensing part: Ø3×L200mm (point end)
No.8079-03 Long stem probe S270WP-03
Sensing stem: Ø3×L400mm (round end)
No.8079-04 Penetration probe S270WP-04
Sensing stem: Ø2×L150mm (point end)
No.8079-05 Penetration probe S270WP-05
Sensing stem: Ø2×L45mm + Ø3×L55mm (point end)
No.8079-06 Low temperature probe S270WP-06
Sensing part: Ø3×L100mm (point end)
No.8079-21 Sleeve type probe S270WP-21
Sensing part: Ø3×L420mm (Round end)
No.8079-31 Immersion type probe S270WP-31
Sensing part: Ø17×L90mm (Cylindrical shape)

Simple operation
Measurement can be started just after power is ON without any set-up.
Serial number and calibration date (year and month) are indicated on LCD when the power is turned ON
There is no seal sticking to the unit to prevent contamination such as peeled seal at the time of measurement.
The serial number of the unit and the traceable calibration date are displayed when the power is turned on. It is easy to manage records on site.
Note: Only the unit calibrated at our laboratory is available to indicate calibration date. User cannot input the calibration date.

Display example:
  Serial number     Calibration date (year and month)

HOLD function, Auto power-off function
HOLD function:
Measured value can be held. This function is usable to read the value easily when the temperature changes too frequently during measurement

Auto power-off function:
The power will be turned off automatically if the unit is not operated for approx. 60 minutes. Even if you forget to turn the power off, this function conserves battery power (this function can be released)
Resistant body to water, impact, heat and alcohol
Material of the body is polycarbonate resin that offers resistance to high temperature, impact and alcohol in comparison with ABS resin so far use.
The body conforms to JIS C 0920 IP67 and it is available to wash the body in running water and wipe with alcohol. (when the unit is connected to a probe)
* Material of display section and key pad is PET resin.
Durable body and easy-to-read display
Rubber around the side of the reduces the damages due to falling. The slanted back improves the visibility of display.
Front Rear
Available to issue the calibration certificate, traceability diagram that require for the management of measuring instrument under ISO and so on.

Model SK-270WP
Display range -50.0 to 300.0°C
Display accuracy ±(0.1+1digit) at -40.0 to 200.0°C  ±5digits at other range
Measuring ambient:  0  to 40°C
Resolution 0.1°C
Display sampling approx. 0.5 to 1 sec.
(when temperature changes a lot, the sampling time is 0.5 sec. and it is calm, it automatically changes to 1 sec.)
Display functions HOLD, MAX, MIN, HACCP (temp./time), buzzer (70 dB), Auto power-off, low battery mark
Degree of protection JIS C 0920 IPX6 When the unit and a probe are connected
Applicable standard EN61326-1:2013
Operation ambient -10 to 60°C, less than 80%rh (no condensing)
Power requirements 2 AAA size alkali batteries
Battery life Approx. 1000 hours (at normal measurement)
Approx. 500 hours when buzzer function is active
Materials Body: PB (polycarbonate) resin
Display section: Key switch: PET resin
Dimensions approx. (W)70×(H)171×(D)40mm (exclusive of connector)
Weight approx. 55g (inclusive of batteries)
Accessories Standard probe S270WP-01 1 pc. vinyl cover 1 pc. neck strap 1 pc., AAA size alkali battery 2 pcs.  manual

Cat. No. No.8079-01 No.8079-02 No.8079-03 No.8079-04 No.8079-05 No.8079-06 No.8079-21 No.8079-31 No.8079-41
Model S270WP-01 S270WP-02 S270WP-03 S270WP-04 S270WP-05 S270WP-06 S270WP-21 S270WP-31 S270WP-41
Measuring range -40.0 to 250.0°C -40.0 to 40.0°C -40.0 to 200.0°C -40.0 to 105.0°C 25.0 to 200.0°C
Accuracy -40.0 to -30.1°C ±1.5°C ±1.3°C ±1.5°C -----
-30.0 to -20.1°C ±1.0°C
-20.0 to -10.0°C ±0.5°C
-9.9 to 40.0°C ±0.5°C ±0.3°C ±0.6°C ±0.8°C *1
40.1 to 105.0°C ----- ±1.0°C
105.1 to 150.0°C ±0.7°C ±0.7°C ----- ±1.5°C
150.1 to 199.9°C ±1.0°C ±1.0°C ±2.0°C *1
200.0 to 250.0°C ±1.5°C ----- -----
Shape of stem end Point end Round end Point end Round end Cylindrical shape Flat
Sensing element Thermistor
Waterproof rate JIS C 0920 IPX7 (when the probe is connected with the main unit) -----
Dimensions Stem Ø3×L100mm Ø3×L200mm Ø3×L400mm Ø2×L150mm Ø2×L45mm
+ Ø3×L55mm
Ø3×L100mm Ø3×L420mm Ø17×L90mm Ø9mm (Sensing part)
Grip Ø15×L120mm Ø7×L55mm ----- Ø12×L105mm
Cord approx. 0.7m approx. 1.0m approx. 5m approx. 0.8m
Materials Stem SUS304 SUS316 SUS304 SUS303 Cupper+Ni plating
Grip SUS303 ----- Polyacetal resin
Cord PVC Silicon
Weight 123g 126g 130g 123g 50g 240g 50g
Accessories Test result
IPX7: Protect against effect of temporary immersion 1m in water under the normal temperature
These optional probes can not be used with SK-250WPII series digital thermometers
*1: The measuring range of S270WP-41 is 25 to 200°C


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