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EDL offers a complete line of stirred liquid bath calibrators for temperatures from –40 °C up to 550 °C. The Ultra Bath has the highest stability and uniformity possible in any bath. We offer three standard bath models based on the specified temperature range.

EDL’s Single Black Body (SBB) IR Calibrators were designed for easy and reliable testing of virtually any in line or handheld infrared pyrometer/gun. The Single Black Body (SBB) is used for applications requiring only one temperature range. Lightweight and compact, the SBB is ideal for use in the lab or in the field. Units are available to cover the most tested temperatures: SBB-1 (low-range) accommodates temperatures from -30 °C up to 110 °C, SBB-2 (mid-range) accommodates temperatures from ambient up to 350 °C, and SBB-3 (high-range) accommodates temperatures from ambient up to 650 °C.

EDL's Comparison Cryostat Calibrator (CRYO-CAL-2) is the most trusted cryogenic calibration device available on the market. This passively cooled cryostat allows the user to safely and affordably calibrate a range of temperature measurement devices from 77K (-196 °C) up to 0 °C. 

EDL Practi-Cal (PRI) Dry Well / Surface Calibrator (PRI) allows for easy testing and verification of virtually any size or shaped surface and insertion-style sensor – in one compact package. Utilizing an interchangeable dry well system, this calibrator has a uniform flat surface alongside a custom drilled insertion dry well. The PRI is ideal for use in the lab or in the field. It weighs in at under 30lbs., and can be taken virtually anywhere.

MSR measures gas efficiently at mininum wiring expenditure (Radio-Sensor/Transmitter RT). With most diverse measurement, MSR is experienced in detecting combustible and toxic gases. Using the MSR components, you will have higher investment return and lower maintenance costs.

Applications examples:

  1. Parking Garages - continuous monitoring of harmcul CO content in air
  2. Diesel-Truck Garages and Cargo Areas - continuous monitoring of harmful NOx content in air
  3. Refrigeration Plants - early detection and warning of refrigerant leaks
  4. Laboratories - continuous monitoring of oxygen in air
  5. Heating systems - early detection and warning of combustible gases

If gases escape through leaks in piping systems (e.g. untight screwed connections, corrosions and so on) ultrasonic noises are generated. By means of LD 400 even the smallest leakages which cannot be heard by the human ear can be detected even from distances of several meters. LD 400 transforms the inaudible signals into a frequency which can be identified. By means of the comfortable sound-proof headset these noises can be realized even in extremely noisy environments.

Due to a particularly designed acoustic trumpet a better focusing of the acoustic waves is achieved. This acoustic trumpet acts like a directional microphone while interfering ambient noises are cushioned and the accurate localization of the leakages is eased even in areas which are difficult to access.

It is essential that the funcitoning of an instrument is periodically checked against a reference Vaisala has developed the Vaisala humidity Calibrator HMK15 to make claibration and spot checking of humidity probes and transmitters easily and reliable.

It is:

    • Easy and reliable calibration of humidity probes and transmitters
    • Based on saturated salt solutions
    • Fast temperature equilibration
    • No external power required
    • Suitable for laboratory use and on-site checks
    • Chambers and transit covers make HMK15 easy to transport
    • Pre-measured certified salts available
    • Vaisala Service Centers offer accredited calibrations for humidity, temperature and barometric pressure

The Exotek MC-60CPA is a new generation of microprocessor controlled, pocket size handheld moisture meter.

Exotek MC-60CPA is accurate, reliable and simple to use for rapid and non-destructive determination of the moisture content of paper and paperboard on rolls, stacks or reams. By pressing the sensor against the paper, the moisture content will be displayed within seconds.

Exotek MC-60CPA can be used in production, inspection control and further treatment of paper materials.

The choice of material code makes measurements more accurate. There are 5 selectable material codes for paper.

Elster Kent Helix Woltmann cold water meter can be installed in horizontal, vertical or inclined pipelines without loss of accuracy. This meter not only conforms to relevant BS, ISO and EEC standards, but offers user benefits which greatly exceed these specifications.

We supplies variety range of recording consumables, such as recording pen, ink ribbon, recording head, cartridge pen, refillable ink and others for recorder and thermohygrograph of various brands, such as:
ABB Kent

Yashima's temperature controller and transmitter accepts 15 type of different input from thermocouple, R.T.D. mA & DC voltage. Range setting & alternation can be easy done from thermocouple to R. T. D. or mA to DC voltage. It has programmable scale range and it is so easy that you may program it within few touches!

The New Exotek MC-380XCA is a microprocessor controlled hand-held moisture meter. It is reliable and simple to use and intended for rapid and non-destructive evaluation of the moisture content of wood and building materials, The Exotek MC-380XCA can be used in production, inspection control and detection of water damages. In many cases, Relative Humidity (RH) is a more appropriate term. For this reason, the MC-380CXA is programmed to calculate the RH value from the moisture content value for building material. It also has two selectable scanning depths: 10 mm and 100 mm.