Comparison Cryostat Calibrator, Temperature -196 °C (77K) up to 0°

EDL's Comparison Cryostat Calibrator (CRYO-CAL-2) is the most trusted cryogenic calibration device available on the market. This passively cooled cryostat allows the user to safely and affordably calibrate a range of temperature measurement devices from 77K (-196 °C) up to 0 °C. Using liquid Nitrogen as the cooling media eliminates the extreme cost of cascade compressor systems and the cumbersome nature of such baths. Calibrating at 113K (-160 °C) is no problem, and in fact, any temperature above 77K (-196 °C) can be accomplished with dwell times greater than 15 minutes. 

The Cryo-Cal-2 requires no expensive bath fluids and is virtually maintenance free - there are no moving parts or pumping systems. With less than thirteen (13) liters of LN2, affordable comparison calibrations can now be performed at any temperature above 77K (-196 °C)! 

With our CRYO-CAL-2 you are able to calibrate up to 4 sensors simultaneously in our standard block! The block has (4) 8mm holes to accommodate testing sensors. You may use the holes alone or with the (4) included tubes designed for 0.250". Additional spacer tubes and guides are available for these sizes: 6mm, 0.125", and 0.1875".  Custom sizes are available upon request



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