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Sato Digital Thermohygrometer PC-5400TRH is easy to read current temperature and humidity from a distance with large LCD (character height: 40mm) . Each min./max. value of temperature and humidity are simultaneously displayed. Alarm setting is available (buzzer sound and LED)

Anritsu Thermometer HD series handheld thermometers allow easy temperature measurement.
These general-purpose thermometers can be used for on-site temperature measurement and various other applications.

Anritsu FL Series can measure temperatures in environments subject to high-frequency waves, microwaves, or high voltages-areas where electric thermometers such as thermocouples, platinum resistance temperature detectors, and thermistors are typically ineffective.
・Capable of measurements in environments subject to high-frequency waves or high voltages.
・A fiber optic thermometer offering a wide measurement range.
・Analog output capability allows use for machine temperature control.
・Measurement data can be imported into a PC using software* bundles with the thermometer.
* for Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows® 8.1, Windows® 10 (for English)

Monnit ALTA Soil Moisture Sensor measures soil moisture tension and soil temperature within the soil. It uses a resistive granular matrix element to accurately measure the matric water potential (soil moisture tension) in the soil and a thermistor based temperature element to measure temperature.

- Safe to use in both hot and freezing temperatures
- Reports matric potential (soil water tension) which is the best indicator of water availability in the soil.
- Moisture readings in centibar and kPa
- 0 to 240 centibar (kPA)
- Will not dissolve in soil
- Internally compensated for commonly found salinity levels
- Easy to install and use compared to traditional tensiometers
- Stainless steel electrodes
- No maintenance required
- Temperature readings in C/F.
- 5 ft removable lead 

Monnit ALTA® Wireless Thermocouple Sensors leverage Monnit’s award-winning remote monitoring platform to remotely monitor high-temperature applications, such as commercial ovens, kilns, and chimneys. Users benefit from a wireless data transmission range of 1,200+ ft, bank-grade security, and a temperature range of up to 400°C (752°F).

Monnit’s thermocouple is user-programmed to sleep for a specified interval, awake, capture analog data, and then convert this measurement into a temperature. If the sensor captures temperatures outside of user-specified thresholds, an alert is sent via text, email, or call. Monnit’s hardwired thermocouples feature a needle-style probe at the end of a 6’ lead (a K-Type Quick Connect Thermocouple is also available).

Anritsu MG series probes are temperature sensors designed for stationary surfaces.
Built-in magnets allow these probes to be attached to measurement targets.Specific components may be combined to customize products for the needs of a customer's specific application.

Sato Temperature and Humidity Meter Highest II 7542-00.

Human hair bundle for humidity and a thermistor for temperature are used as sensors.

This hygrometer is designed with focus on reliability. Bracket for wall mounting is attached.

Anritsu Thermometer with Printing Model AP-400 series thermometers have built-in printers for on-the-spot printing of measurement data.

AP-450, AP400 is replacement of AP-800 (AP-800K, AP-800E, AP-850K, AP-850E) series

Sato SK-270WP-K is a simple operation waterproof digital thermometer.
Ideal for plants, laboratories, food factories and like that are required temperature management at the site using water.

Sato Waterproof DIgital Thermometer SK-1260 with memory and alarm functin.

Suitable for temperature control and data management in laboratories, factories and offices. Various optional probes are available for a wide variety of applications.
Standard probe SK-S100K(K Thermocouple) is attached as accessories.

Note: No sensor convertibility for SK-1250MCIII α & SK-1260

Sato SK-8950 is a waterproof type Infrared thermometer having the circle laser marker that surrounds the measuring area with red laser. The Waterproof/dustproof property is IP 54. The measuring range is -60 to 550°C. Emissivity is settable with 0.01 steps between 0.10 to 1.00