Newsteo offers a range of temperature recorders (or data loggers) that allow:

  • measuring temperature,
  • recording this measurement or transmitting in real time to a supervision center,
  • displaying the measurement on a PC, tablet, smart phone …

Radio recorders offered by Newsteo are standalone recorders, battery-powered and easily movable. Their compact design allows them to be easily used for real-time monitoring.

Software RFMonitor

Temperature and Humidity Loggers

LOM16 Compact Temperature Datalogger

LOG22 Indoor Temperature and Humidity Datalogger

LGR32 Rugged Temperature and Humidity with external Probe Datalogger

LGS34 Rugged 4-20mA Universal Datalogger

Universal Display and Audible Alarm DIS30

Repeater RPT20

USB Antenna

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