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Active filters

Compact, self contained Kofloc Mass Flow Meters are designed to read flow rates of gases. The rugged design coupled with instrumentation grade accuracy provides versatile and economical means of flow control.

Aichi Tokei Turbine gas meters TBZ and TBX series, developed to measure gas consumption of a small boiler, an individual furnace, or other individual gas equipment, are achieved to have high accuracy consists with the light-weighted compact stylish body.

They can widely correspond to maximum working pressure and maximum measuring flow-rate.

The built-in 2-systems pulse transmitter allows your configuration of a remote reading system or of an advanced energy management system.

Also, TBZ series even offers temperature / pressure compensation function that is to display gas consumption converted to its volume at the standard conditions (0,1 atms ), etc.

Aichi Tokei Ultrasonic Gas Flowmeter

  • •Robust against oilmist and dust
  • •Turndown ratio 50:1
  • •Ultrasonic sensor is integrated
  • •Negligible pressure drop (equivalent to straight pipe)
  • •Easy to read LCD which can be oriented at a right angle for easy viewing
  • •2 outputs for easy integration with other system
  • •Lower cost than vortex flowmeters or clamp - on type flowmeters
  • •Options for power supply : Built-in batteries (10 years of continuous operation) / DC power