Anritsu HR

Anritsu HR

HR series handheld thermometers allow easy temperature measurement.
These general-purpose thermometers can be used for on-site temperature measurement and various other applications.

  • High accuracy ±0.2°C(at 0°C)
  • Free test report included
  • Accurate temperature measurement is available under rapid changes in environmental temperature.
  • Use of the same materials as thermocouples into an input part.
  • Integration of reference junction and reference junction compensator.
  • Waterproof specifications : Equivalent to IPX5(HR-11*0,12*0,14*0,1650,1750)
  • Made in japan
  • Large easy-to-read LCD display.
  • Easy operation
  • Low power consumption.
  • Capable of 300 hours of continuous operation(HR-11*0,12*0,14*0,1650,1750)
  • Various probes available(sold separately)
  • Memory function(HR-15*0)
  • capable of storing up to 9999 data
  • Time interval selectable(9type)
  • Manual measurement available
  • The playback function allows you to check data stored in memory.
  • Data stored in memory can be transmitted to a personal computer by the software AMS-350.
  • CE Marking

Anritsu HR1100 Anritsu HR1150

Standard model

HR-1150E / HR-1150K
   (Input connector ANP)

HR-1100E / HR-1100K
   (Input connector ASP)

Anritsu HR1200 Anritsu HR1250

Standard model

HR-1250E / HR-1250K
   (Input connector ANP)

HR-1200E / HR-1200K
   (Input connector ASP)

(* analog output type is available.)

iconiconHOLDAUTO OFFrespvbl

Anritsu HR1300 Anritsu HR1350

High function model

HR-1350E / HR-1350K
   (Input connector ANP)

HR-1300E / HR-1300K
   (Input connector ASP)

(* analog output type is available.)

HoldAuto offresPVblALM SETCAL SET

Anritsu HR1400 Anritsu HR1450

LED display model

HR-1450E / HR-1450K
   (Input connector ANP)

HR-1400E / HR-1400K
   (Input connector ASP)
iconHoldAuto off

Anritsu HR1550 Anritsu HR1500

Memory model

HR-1550E / HR-1550K
   (Input connector ANP)

HR-1500E / HR-1500K
(Input connector ASP)

holdAuto offresPVblSETPLAY BACK

Anritsu HR1600 Anritsu HR1650

Basic model(°C / °F)

HR-1650E / HR-1650K
    (Input connector ANP)

bousui.gifhold.gifao.gif cf_c.gif

Anritsu HR1700 Anritsu HR1750

Standard model(°C / °F)

HR-1750E / HR-1750K
   (Input connector ANP)


Anritsu HR

Anritsu HR

Available models:

HR-1100E HR-1150E (replacement for HD-1100E, HD-1150E)
HR-1100K HR-1150K (replacement for HD-1100K, HD-1150K)
HR-1200E HR-1250E (replacement for HD-1200E, HD-1250E)
HR-1200K HR-1250K (replacement for HD-1200K, HD-1250K)
HR-1300E HR-1350E (replacement for HD-1300E, HD-1350E)
HR-1300K HR-1350K (replacement for HD-1300K, HD-1350K)
HR-1400E HR-1450E (replacement for HD-1400E, HD-1450E), with LED display
HR-1400K HR-1450K (replacement for HD-1400K, HD-1450K), with LED display
HR-1500E HR-1550E (replacement for HD-1500E, HD-1550E), with memory function
HR-1500K HR-1550K (replacement for HD-1500K, HD-1550K), with memory function


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