Ultra Bath (UB) Features: 

  • Large Volume Allows for Calibration of Multiple Sensors Simultaneously
  • High Stability & Uniformity
  • 18” Tank Depth Accommodates Virtually Any Thermometer or Probe
  • Advanced Programmable Controller
  • Easy to Fill & Easy to Drain Tank
  • Built-In Sensor Holding System
  • iTools Included • Ultra-Bath Models Available to Cover Temperature Range from -40 °C up to 550 °C
  • NIST Traceable Calibration Certificate Included
  • Includes Cord Configuration to Match Your Home Country’s Power Requirements

EDL offers a complete line of stirred liquid bath calibrators for temperatures from –40 °C up to 550 °C. The Ultra Bath has the highest stability and uniformity possible in any bath. We offer three standard bath models based on the specified temperature range. EDL’s stirred liquid Ultra-Baths (UB-4010, UB-1020 and UB-2050) are equipped with deep wells and were designed to provide stable and uniform calibrations for bi-metal thermometers, liquid in-glass thermometers, SPRTs, PRTs, RTDs, or virtually any probe regardless of shape or diameter. Equipped with an 18” deep tank and access opening of 12.70cm (5”) x 27.94cm (11”), this large bath allows your lab the ability to calibrate a variety of equipment. Our Ultra Baths are typically stable to within 10mK at 250 °C. Please refer to the above specifications tab for the complete datasheet.



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