• Aichi Tokei

    Aichi Tokei

    Since the company’s establishment in 1898, Aichi Tokei Denki has acquired precision machining technologies through the manufacture of clocks. Based on those technologies, we are contributing to society through the provision of unique sensors, systems and services. Our fluid measuring technologies, which have gained the trust of our customers through our key business of the manufacture of water and gas meters, are at the core of these contributions. Even today, our stance of understanding the constantly changing needs of our customers and changing our own business flexibly, based on our core technologies, remains unchanged.

  • Anritsu


    Ever since launching development of thermometers in 1950, Anritsu Meter has entered an extraordinary winding road called temperature and continued to explore its outline.

    Anritsu Meter has addressed endless challenges, aiming to comprehensively grasp the temperature, such as invention of ground-breaking contact temperature sensors, attempt to establish the surface temperature, introduction of fluorescent optical fiber thermometer technology and development of non-contact thermometers.

  • Dickson
  • Isuzu


    Isuzu Thermohygrograph TH27R and accessories.

  • Kobayashi
  • Kofloc


    Kofloc Flowmeter, Gax Mixing Flowmeter, Mass Flowmeter and Back Pressure Valve

  • Monnit


    Monnit is an award-winning IoT leader and innovator. Industry experts recognize and honor us for our leading-edge IoT Remote Monitoring Solutions.

  • Newsteo


    Since 2005 Newsteo proposes a complete solution of wireless sensors and measures management for traceability, supervision and real time alerts. IOT, smart sensors, radio transmission, low rate communication, low consumption, long range are all technologies we master to fit our customers’ needs.

    Today, Newsteo’s connected sensors allow, for instance, the monitoring of temperature, humidity and shocks in various or hazardous environments. It can be the monitoring of manufacturing, stocking and transport conditions in the cold chain for food supplies, pharmaceutical goods but also the instrumentation for the pathology of old buildings…

    In order to best serve its customers, in terms of performances efficiency as well as cost efficiency, Newsteo can also develop custom solutions and products upon the customer’s specifications and requirements.

    Newsteo integrates its own R&D department, which brings together all the necessary skills to innovate, invent new products, meet the expectations of our customers: hardware development, embedded software development and PC software, web applications, mechanical engineering.

    We are supported by Bpifrance and also are a member of the Global Competitive Cluster: Secured Connected Solutions.

    Newsteo is committed to using all the necessary resources to always offer you qualitative products and services. Our products are designed and manufactured in France.

    In addition, we can temperature calibrate our communicating sensors thanks to our in-house metrology laboratory, which is temperature calibration COFRAC accredited according to standard NF EN ISO 17025.

  • Others
  • Palmer Wahl

    Palmer Wahl

    America's first thermometer company originated in Cincinnati, OH in 1836. Since that time, Palmer Instruments has steadily evolved through product development  geared exclusively towards industrial supply and process measurement. Operating from a new facility in Asheville, NC since 1987, Palmer has  developed special-application products such as Dual-Sensing and "Slip-fit" thermometers, and pioneered new industry services. With the recent affiliation with Wahl Instruments, and resulting consolidation of manufacturing in Asheville, Palmer Instruments looks first to the future.

  • RCM


  • Ryutai Kogyo
  • Sato


    Sato Authorized Distributor and Stockist 

  • Sekonic


    Sato Thermohygrograph ST50A, ST50M and SP100 and all accessories.

  • Tokico