The differential pressure cell with dual bellows design is made of 316L SS and features over-range protection dampening to compensate for pulsations in line pressure. The edge welded rupture proof pressure cell provides up to 30% added lifespan and greatly improved linearity.

The fully mechanical differential pressure cell features a temperature compensator to protect the unit from drift caused by ambient temperature changes.

Built in our factory in Asheville, North Carolina, the 12” heavy die cast aluminum case is offered in our pipestand mount style for thisapplication. The case is double protected by a corrosion resistant coating and an additional powder coated finish, making it weather resistant even in harsh conditions. Standard color is White Gloss Powder Coat, with Black Matte or Gray Gloss Powder Coat available as options. Instrument glass window is Standard.

Palmer Wahl Differential Pressure Recorder Model 524 comes standard with our PC-11 Multi-Speed Battery Operated Chart Drive (UL listed). PC-12 Chart Drive or Spring Wound Chart Drive are also options. Also available is our 5 Valve Manifold, Model AWR-3691-01 shown at right. Sold separately as a kit with connection hardware to connect the DP Recorder to your system. 


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