Red patches will appear on the film wherever contact pressure is applied and the color density indicated will vary according to the differing contact pressure levels.

Prescale film can precisely measure pressure, pressure distribution, and pressure balance.
Fujifilm's advanced technology in color film manufacturing enables Fuji to produce extremely thin and stable Prescale films of less than 200μm(100μmx2)
Red patches will appear on the film when pressure is applied and the color density changes according to the various pressure levels.
There are Seven types of Prescale available to fulfil your varying pressure range.(0.05∼300 MPa)(7.25 psi∼43,500 psi)

Strong Points

  • Easy visual check of distribution/uniformity for contact pressure
  • Contact pressure shown with differing concentrations of color can even be converted into numbers.
  • Lower cost with no special devices or equipment required
  • Quick measurement gives an at-a-glance picture.

Line Up

Eight products of Roll Type are supplied according to pressure level. Select appropriate Prescale.


  • * W in the product codes indicates two-sheet type, S indicates mono-sheet type.

Fuji Prescale Film

Fuji Prescale Film




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