The SK-170GT is a handy type instrument that can measure WBGT (*) index, temperature, humidity and globe temperature.
This can be used as a guide for preventing a heat illness and estimating heat stress of working and activity environments.

*WBGT: Wet Bulb Globe Temperature

See the sensory temperature by eyes and use SK-170GT for preventing a heat stress. Useful at following situations.
– Student safety management during physical education and club activities
– Indoor and outdoor sports activities
– Work in high temperature environments
– Construction sites and farm working

WBGT Index:
The WBGT (Wet Bulb Globe Temperature) Index is used to estimate the Heat Stress on Working Man that ISO 7243 / JIS Z8504 prescripts.
The WBGT index is a sensory temperature which can be calculated from wet bulb temperature, globe temperature (radiation heat) and dry bulb temperature.
It is necessary to set the measuring ambient before starting since different calculation is needed depending on its measuring ambient.

Heat Stress:
Heat stress is a generic term of heat related illness that the condition that temperature regulation function decreases by high temperature ambient.
This could cause even ultimately death. The risk can be reduced by observing the surrounding ambient and by being aware of precautions of heat stroke such as overheating and dehydration.

Compliant to JIS B 7922 "WBGT Index"
JIS B 7922 "Electronic wet bulb globe temperature (WBGT) index meter" was established and promulgated in March 2017 to the measuring instrument
(heatstroke meter) that measures the "WBGT index" which is used as the evaluation of heat stress in working environment and heat stroke prevention guide
WBGT Heat Stress Monitor Model SK-170GT is conforming to JIS B 7922 Class 2 in the range below
WBGT Index: 15.0 to 45.0°C, Globe temperature: 20.0 to 40.0°C, humidity: 30.0 to 90.0%rh, Wind speed: 0.3 to 3.0m/s

Conforming to JIS B 7922 Class 2
SK-170GT complies with WBGT index JIS B 7922 class 2.
Use as a guide for heat stroke prevention in sport activities, daily life, work and many.

Black globe is equipped
SK-170GT can detect the radiation heat (WBGT) due to the direct sunlight.

Displays WBGT Index, Temperature, Globe temperature and Humidity
SK-170WP is usable for various application with the various displays such as WBGT Index, Temperature, Globe temperature and Humidity.

Hole for tripod fixing screw is equipped
It is convenient for measurement that the main unit can be installed on the Camera tripod using the hole for fixing screw.

Measuring ambient of WBGT index can be set (IN/OUT)
The formula for calculating WBGT Index is different between indoor measurement and outdoor measurement
Available to switch the indoor measurement (IN) and outdoor measurement (OUT)

Wind Speed Setting
WBGT Index and Globe temperature vary depending on the wind speed of the measurement ambient.
Provides the function to compensate and display the WBGT Index and globe temperature by inputting the value of the wind speed.

HOLD function
Convenient to read the measured values

MAX/MIN display function
Max. and Min. values can be displayed. It is convenient to monitor at measurement

Alarm function:
The buzzer sounds when the measured value reaches the set WBGT value.

Auto power-off function
The power will be turned off automatically if the unit is not operated for approx. 20 minutes. This function conserves battery power if you forget to turn the power off.

RS-232C Communication
By using the optional RS-232C connecting cable, measured values can be imported into a personal computer in real time

Handy type
Easy to carry. Comes with carrying case ideal for storing the instrument and accessories.

Model WBGT Heat Stress Monitor (Confirming to JIS standard)
Cat. No. No.8312-00   SK-170GT
Measuring range Temperature (TA) 0.0 to 50.0°C
Globe temperature (TG) 0.0 to 80.0°C
WBGT Index 0.0 to 50.0°C
Humidity (RH) 10.0 to 95.0%rh
Accuracy Temperature (TA) ±0.6°C
Globe temperature (TG) ±1.2°C (20.0 to 60.0°C)
±2.0°C (at other than above)
WBGT Index ±2.0°C
Humidity (RH) ±3.0%rh (30 to 90%rh, at 20 to 40°C)
±5.0%rh (other than above range)
Resolution Temp, Globe temp, WBGT Index 0.1°C
Humidity 0.1%rh
Sampling time Approx. 2 sec.
Alarm setting Settable between WBGT20.0 to 49.9°C with 0.1°C step
(Alarm cannot be released)
Wind speed range setting Settable between 0.1 to 3.0m/s with 0.1m/s step
Realtime communication RS-232C communication (RS-232C cable is an option)
Functions WBGT Index indoor and outdoor switch
Auto Power-off (about 20 min.)(Auto power-off function can be released)
MAX/MIN value display, HOLD function
Operation ambient 0 to 50°C, lower than 95%rh
Storage ambient -10 to 50°C (no condensing)
Power requirements 9V 6F22(006) battery x 1 pc.
Battery life Approx. 600 hours in continuous use (without use of alarm)
Sound level Approx. 75dB
Dimensions Main body: approx. (W)71 × (H)275 × (D)30mm * (D: without globe)
Globe: 60mm dia.
Weight Approx. 250g (with a battery)
Accessory 9V 6F22 (006P) Battery × 1 pc., Carrying case


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